Compost Works

We at Compost Works believe that food waste should be composted and not thrown in the bin. Give it a go, and let’s build good soil!

Our Mission

Our mission is to make food waste composting accessible to residents in the Liverpool City Region. We do this through setting up communal composting facilities and running various educational workshop. 

Composting is a natural process where plant and animal matter is broken down by naturally occurring aerobic microorganisms. This mixture of organic matter and microscopic life is a key component of soil, an integral part of the cycle of life.

Please don’t waste your food scraps by throwing them into the bin—give composting a go!

2 pictures for home page: community garden & hands holding soil.

Introduction to
Composting Training

Are you keen to compost your food waste but not sure how? Or tried composting before but want to learn more? There are no courses currently available, but please contact us for future events!